The most common drugs

The benefits of Swedish or sports massages are well known. However, a group of escorts has got together to find out if escorts in London, giving erotic massages can have a beneficial effect on their dates health.

The London escorts girls started to become concerned about their dates well after realizing that many of the guys they dated took a lot of medication. Two of the most common drugs are statins and medication that lower blood pressure. The London escorts of have been reading some rather negative information about both drugs and are now wondering if they should perhaps try to take their drugs’ dates.

The girls reasoned that there must be something else you can use to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Amongst their arsenals, the escorts included aromatherapy oils. They were surprised to find a whole range of massage and aromatherapy oils that can lower high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Egyptian escorts have long used lotus essential oil to lower a date’s blood pressure. It is a very relaxing oil, and at the same time, many dates say that it is warming. The smell is enough to make you want to relax and can make you feel a bit light-headed. However, Lotus oil does have the unique ability to relax your arteries as well, and this is very important as part of blood pressure treatment.

When combined with Jojoba oil, you will also treat any inflammation within the body, and this is one of the few oils which can treat pain. You can almost feel Jojoba oil penetrate you, and a good moonlight filtered oil is said to perform miracles. It can help treat many stressful conditions, such as premature ejaculation and give you more robust and longer-lasting erections.


Myrrh is considered to be an oil that influences liver function. This is crucial for high cholesterol as it is, first of all, a liver problem. You are much more likely to suffer from high cholesterol if you drink too much, and if escorts recommend treatment with Essential oil of Myrrh, you should cut down on your alcohol intake first of all.

A treatment with Myrrh often consists of a 90 minute all over body massage, and it is recommended that you have this treatment regularly. After a warming shower, two escorts will apply the oil all over the body finishing sweetly towards the 90-minute session.

This is a treatment it is worth paying a bit extra for. Not only are you able to indulge in a luxurious four-handed massage, but you are also able to enjoy the many health benefits this oil has to offer. At the end of the treatment, the girls will cover you up with a warm blanket, and you will be allowed to relax. After about ten minutes, the girls will gently wake you up with some tea, and while you sip your tea, they will wash off any remaining oil.

London escorts are great believers in alternative medicine, and if you like to book any of the treatments, you should try to do so as soon as possible.

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