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Meet the woman who doesn’t care that you’re married

Many men’s romanticized ideas of meeting a beautiful, yet virtuous cheap outcall escorts are dashed when they meet the “married woman.” Just how temptingly close does she come to actually being what you think of as your dream wife? Well, one thing is for sure: she wants you.

It’s sad enough to know that your relationship with this person is doomed before it even got off the ground. But now you’ve got to live with the knowledge that she could be getting it on with someone else as you sit at home wondering how you could have been so foolish. But what’s really sad is how much I didn’t care.

My name is Jessica and I’m a married woman myself. And like most married women, I know that having an affair with a man who is taken is exciting and wrong all at the same time; we’re playing with fire, we’re taking a risk, we’re breaking all of those rules we were raised to follow. But deep down inside, we want to break those rules. We need to break those rules…and sometimes, our actions just can’t be controlled.

It was exactly three weeks after I’d buried my husband that my world came crashing down.

My husband, Jason, had died suddenly of a massive heart attack at the age of 36. It was such a tragic loss to our family and friends that it overwhelmed me, and I became depressed. Worse than that, though, I felt guilty because all along I knew that something wasn’t quite right with him. I had seen a doctor in the year before he passed away and was informed that there was a chance I could be carrying a baby. The doctor told me that I could possibly pass this baby off as his in order to get custody of the child in a divorce. Whether or not he ever knew about it, I’m not sure, because when we went to court to finalize our divorce, the judge wouldn’t allow us to discuss it. Instead, he basically told us both to buck up and move on with our lives.

Since Jason’s death, I’d been living with my mother and doing my best to put my life back together again. I managed to get a job at a local sports bar as a server and the tips were decent. I moved into my own place and things seemed to be going pretty well…until I met Jake.

Jake was someone who came into the bar almost every other night. He would sit at the end of the bar and drink whiskey straight with ice for hours at a time, chatting with me every now and then when I wasn’t too busy. He told me that he was just recently divorced after being married for almost twenty years. Something about him seemed familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it until about two weeks after he started coming in.

It all came back to me when I happened to look out the window of the bar and saw him getting into his truck. The truck was the same one that I’d been in when I was a young teenager, but it certainly wasn’t my dad driving it this time. It was Jake, and he was only about five years older than I am now. After he drove off, I realized that not only had Jake been married for years, but he had also left his wife for another woman while she sat at home waiting for him to come back.

I knew then that there probably wasn’t another woman in Jake’s life; otherwise, he wouldn’t be spending almost every night drinking whiskey at this bar.

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