How To Look After Your Big Tits

Almost all men like big tits. I would even go as far as to say that more men prefer big tits to small tits. Do you need to have big tits to work for outcall London escorts? It is not really a professional requirement as such but many London escorts do have big tits compared to other girls. I am one of those girls and I know that looking after your tits is important.

Does The Right Size Bra Matter?

If you work for a London escorts agency, you may find it challenging to find it hard to find the right bra. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have started to pay attention to what kind of bra I buy. Sure, you can just pop down to Marks and Spencer, but if you do, you should make sure you have your bra fitted. The girls in the store are happy to help you to find the right bra size for you. If your local Marks and Spencer store can’t help, you should go to a better store.

Should I Watch My Diet?

Yes, you can look after your big tits by looking after your diet. It is important to make sure you eat the right food to balance your hormones. Processed food contains a lot of soya which is bad for your hormonal balance. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have been keeping a keen eye on my weight. A great way to do so, is to make sure that you avoid eating processed foods. I have noticed that I suffer from less breast ain since I changed my diet to include more natural foods.

Dress For My Bust

Instead of considering breast augmentation, you may want to dress better instead. The first thing that matters is a good quality bra, but wearing the right top or dress will help as well. A v-neck will look great but if you get bored with that look, you can also try the off the shoulder look. That is very popular this year and I think that it looks really sexy. Many men like to look at girls’ bra straps and you can find some really sexy bra straps that fit to regular bras. You can pick sexy bras straps online or in shops like Anne Summers. Also, good lingerie retailers sell them.

Should you take breast enhancement supplements? I have spoken to a few London escorts who say that they think that they have benefited from breast enhancement supplements. But personally I don’t think they are a good thing. I really begrudge having to spend my hard-earned London escorts cash on supplements to make sure that my tits get bigger. Not only that, I am not sure that they work. I think that you are far better off doing the right kind of exercise rather than wasting your money on overpriced dietary supplements that may not work.

Outcall London escorts are the best at looking after their bodies.

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